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BRYAN AUDET Bryan is a singer and a TV and radio host. He’s been wearing glasses since he was 8 years old. Glasses have become, in some ways, his trademark. Bryan recently accepted the biggest gig of his life: becoming the father of the adorable Leon. Bryan is proud to partner up with IRIS.
VANESSA SICOTTE Mother of three and business woman, Vanessa Sicotte is a blogger and she has a passion for home decor. Damask & Dentelle is a blog and a directory that includes 2000+ good addresses for home decor in Québec. Vanessa has a taste for vintage and flea markets. She also hosts two TV shows: Sauvez les Meubles! and Marché Conclu on Canal Vie.
LEX ALBRECHT Lex is a professional Canadian road cyclist and a member of the Canadian National Cycling team. She is the current Champion of Québec, & multi-time podium finisher at the Canadian National Championships. Born and raised in Barrie Ontario, Lex moved to Québec at the age of 18 and is now based in Montréal.
BETHANY MENZEL Being an ambassador for IRIS is such a natural fit for me and my family. We have always loved collecting different styles of sunglasses and we're so thankful that IRIS has helped us maintain our eye health along the way. Wearing the proper protection in the sun and in front of a computer screen are my top priorities and IRIS helped show me what I need to keep my vision in good shape without having to compromise style.
CAMILLE DG Camille Dg is a TV show host and columnist for various shows on several channels, in both French and English. She is comfortable hosting a variety of TV shows that range from fashion, to technology, to travel and even sports. You can read Camille’s blog posts on her sites: Le Cahier and The Booklet
LÉONIE PELLETIER Mother of two beautiful little boys and founder of Oui l'Agence, Léonie is a strong woman who is not afraid to say what’s on her mind! You can follow her adventures on her blog, Roby & Co., which she describes as an unpretentious blog for modern families. Fashion, health, maternity and lifestyle: that’s what Léonie’s life is all about.
DAILY ROUTINE FITNESS Rachel is a certified personal trainer and a student of the Alive School of Holistic Nutrition. She created her blog, Daily Routine Fitness, to help women around the world reach beyond what they thought they were capable of, live a healthy lifestyle and discover true happiness with their bodies.
NA'EEM ADAM Na'eem is the marketing director of the GOLO delivery app. He is also the founder of Parvin Marketing Inc. and is the Marketing Manager for both the Burger Week and the Poutine Week. Na'eem is a blogger and dad of an adorable little boy named Zayne.
SARAH NANTEL Sarah is a former Elementary Teacher who decided to stay home after having her sweet daughter Isla in 2014. She has a love for all things creative, and a passion for photography. On her Instagram account @heysarahdarling, she loves connecting with other women and mothers. Sarah, Isla and her husband Mark love the outdoors and spend as much time as they can at the mountain!
CREATIVE WIFE & JOYFUL WORKER Codi is an Abbotsford based mother of three. She created her blog Creative Wife and Joyful Worker to talk about motherhood life, style and travel just about four years ago now. She wanted to create a place to connect and inspire other mothers and share her creative side. * Photo by @juliechristinephotography
SASKIA THUOT Saskia is a TV and radio show host, an author and a mother of two. Her two bestsellers, "Le carnet de Saskia" and "Objectif poids santé après 40 ans’’ will give you a look on her personal life. On social media she likes to share her emotions and her reflections on various subjects. For 16 years she’s been the host of the TV show “Décore ta vie”, in addition to many other TV projects. She also gives lectures on health and self-esteem. Authentic, passionate and endearing, that's how Saskia can be described!
VANESSA BÉLAND Vanessa is an interior designer, a blogger and a true lover of pink. Along with her husband Félix, she creates original and playful products with a strong graphic appearance. On her blog, she shares articles about lifestyle, home decor, fashion and more.
THE MISTER WAYNE Mr. Wayne is the founder and creative director behind THE MISTER WAYNE, a menswear and lifestyle blog which focuses on his personal take on fashion, his daily life, as well as third party inspiration. Fluent in English and Chinese (Mandarin), Wayne divides his time between Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and China.
DEREK JACOB KESSELER Who is Derek Jacob Kesseler? He describes himself as a small-town guy who’s trying to live out some big-time dreams. He wishes to inspire people through fashion, adventure, and positive thinking to help find your purpose in life.
KEISHA LYNNE Originally from Nova Scotia, and now nestled in the beautiful Fraser Valley, B.C, Keishalynne is a full-time working blogging mama. She’s a proud wife to her high school sweetheart Drew and a blessed mother to two littles Owen 7 & Ella soon turning 2.
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