In Canada, winter is part of our DNA. To fully appreciate it, you have to enjoy the snow! Here are four suggestions of sports for all levels that will incite you to enjoy our beautiful winter to its full potential.

Fat bike

One of the biggest trends in winter sports in recent years, fat biking, is attracting more and more enthusiasts, and the number of accessible trails is growing all the time. The fat bike is specially designed for riding on snow and is popular with both beginners and experts with its oversized tires. Some of this sport's enthusiasts go riding in the middle of winter to enjoy the great scenery and unique sensations. Could this potentially be the start of a new passion?

Snowkiting, for lovers of extreme sports

Snowkiting was born in Canada in 1990, and it was in Quebec that this sport first appeared in North America. Also known as paraskiing, snowkiting is the winter sport to try if you are looking for a thrill. The participant is pulled by a traction sail blown by the wind on a snowboard or skis—its speed can reach 70 km/hour!

This winter sport for experienced people requires serious technique and good physical condition.

Alpine ski touring! Vertical kilometres

Alpine ski touring, or skimo, is an up-and-coming sport in Canada. This sport is practiced on snowy terrain, in the middle of nature. The practice of this sport will significantly improve your cardiovascular fitness. The ascent is done "on foot" thanks to the special equipment found on the ski's sole, which allows a grip on the snow.

The descents are often made on trails with little traffic. You can expect beautiful powdery snow as well as never-ending breathtaking scenery and wilderness. 


The quietness of the snowy landscapes is always an incredible experience. Some snowshoeing enthusiasts compare this sports outing to meditation in motion. Excellent for cardio and the tonicity of the whole body, snowshoeing is a complete sport and brings calm and relaxation.

Winter running

If you don't like running on a treadmill, running on snow is a great way to stay in shape during the winter. With shoes designed for running on snow or spikes that you attach to your traditional running shoes, you can get an effective workout no matter the weather.

To avoid getting too hot or too cold, one rule of thumb is to dress as if it were 20 degrees warmer as body temperature rises with exercise.