Did you know it is possible to wear contact lenses even if you are over 40? There are contact lenses called multifocal lenses. As their name indicates, these contact lenses allow you to have several points of focus simultaneously. Therefore, you can enjoy distance, intermediate and near vision without the need for additional glasses.

How exactly do they work, and are they suitable for your vision?

Multifocal contact lenses have multiple correction zones in the same lens. Typically, one zone is for near objects, another for far objects, and others for intermediate distances. This design helps to correct presbyopia, an age-related visual defect that results in difficulty in correctly focusing the image of nearby objects. Multifocal contact lenses are designed to provide a gradual transition between the zone that corrects near vision for reading and the zone that corrects distance vision. They are very similar to progressive glasses.

There are different types of multifocal contact lenses

In terms of materials, multifocal contact lenses can be made of either soft or rigid gas-permeable materials (RPG). 

Roughly speaking, multifocal lenses come in two versions. The more common version has a succession of concentric zones of different powers prescribed for vision at different distances. The other version, a hybrid design, keeps near and distance corrections near the center of the eye, replicating the natural visual experience by correcting for specific points of aberration in the eyes.

Biofinity® multifocal contact lenses from CooperVision. 

Biofinity® multifocal contact lenses offer advanced technology for clear vision for all distances and comfort that will last all day. Also, Aquaform® technology retains water for all-day comfort.

Biofinity® contact lenses offer multiple correction zones in each lens, all tailored to your correction so you can see clearly at all distances. You get visual performance near and far without the need for glasses. Importantly, these lenses have high oxygenation, allowing 100% of the oxygen to reach your eyes so they stay white and healthy.

Are you interested in trying Biofinity® multifocal contact lenses from CooperVision? Make an appointment with your trusted optometrist for a trial. 

Seeing both near and far without glasses means freedom!