Your glasses say a lot about your style, whether it's your everyday pair or your special occasion eyewear. Like your jewelry or handbag, your glasses enhance your look and flatter your eyes.

Whether you have a classic, bohemian, vibrant or sporty style, there is a pair of glasses for you. Don't hesitate to invest in a frame that will reflect your personality and character and become a valuable asset in your wardrobe.

A subtle yet sophisticated style

Choose a pair of glasses round in shape for a resolutely elegant style. Thin acetate frames with a tortoiseshell pattern are timeless and glamorous. Black frames bring a touch of elegance and boldness. 

Bohemian style

Go bold with "butterfly" frames. Choose transparent frames for a look that is as original as refined. For a more retro and trendy style, glasses that mix materials such as a metallic and acetate frame will highlight and soften your look. 

A sporty style

Choose an ergonomic and contemporary frame with bright colours like brands such as David Beckham, Lacoste and Maui Jim.

Classic style!

Choose rectangular frames that bring character and charm.

For an exuberant style!

Go with oversized glasses that combine graphic shapes and colour combinations.

Whether you wear your glasses for two or twelve hours a day, they deserve to match your style and look! Before choosing them, ask your IRIS optician for advice. They will help you select the frame that will enhance your style, enhance your look and turn many heads.