A few years ago, glasses were seen as a burden. Today, glasses are a trendy fashion accessory. The current craze for glasses is such that many wear glasses without corrective lenses just because they want to be fashionable. Even in Hollywood, glasses have become a must-have accessory. The red carpet is filled with movie stars who proudly wear the latest eyewear trends.

But how do you wear a pair of glasses with a gown? It's pretty simple. The shape of the glasses should contrast with the shape of the face. For example, rectangular glasses are recommended for a round face. Your IRIS optician can give you expert advice on the choices available for your face shape.

Now, which pair of glasses should you choose with your evening wear? The concept of "opposites attract" is the key to remember when pairing glasses with formal wear. If the dress is sophisticated and eye-catching, it is advisable to opt for a simpler style of glasses unless you want to take inspiration from Sophia Loren's style. In this case, the motto is "Don't be modest! 


Tips for a successful style

Contrasts are always a good thing. A romantic silk dress can be enhanced when paired with horn frames, while a more subtle outfit is easily paired with a pair of round glasses.

Show yourself as you are! An evening outfit in white or light gray shades can be paired with bright red glasses. Also, metal or plastic frames in black, brown, or pastel colours are recommended when wearing pastel colours.

Glasses that are too quirky don't work for every look. It's best to stick to a classic colour if you want to change your look regularly.

Too much excess can become a fashion "faux pas"! Overly elaborate glasses with big hinges or oversized screws are eye-catching enough. These styles are better with simpler outfits.

Visit your IRIS optician for great tips on how to feel like a star!