The holiday season is in full excitement.  Between dinners with friends and family, decorating the house and the tree, and shopping for gifts, the eternal question of what to wear for the occasion is ever-present.  A tip: Focus on accessories.  Enhance your style with your choice of eyewear. 

Accessories add an extra layer of style to an already festive outfit. When we think of accessories, we usually think of jewellery, handbags or even shoes. But have you ever thought of glasses to enhance your holiday look?  We have for you here a few tips for creating a trendy and fashionable look for the holiday season:


On or around December 24th and 25th, it is customary to gather around a good meal with family and friends while looking your best. Don't hesitate to wear glasses in bold colours such as red, blue, or grey. It doesn't matter what clothing you wear, because these colours go with just about everything.  The latest trend? Glasses with clear frames—a must this winter.


After Christmas, it's time for New Year's celebrations.  For this occasion, we generally opt for a fancier outfit. When it comes to your choice of glasses, we suggest something subtler and more refined, such as a light metallic or gold frame. A light frame can easily be matched with a bolder necklace.  However, it's best not to go overboard with the details—the more jewellery you wear, the more discreet your frame should be. 


Rich foods, dehydration and lack of sleep take a toll on our health and energy, and as a result, our complexion can appear duller. If you can't bear visiting your family or going to brunch with friends looking like this, don't worry! If you choose well, your glasses will obscure your drawn features perfectly. Choose an oversized frame to conceal your drawn features and to give you a more laid-back look.