It's time to invest not only in your look but in the health of your most precious asset: your eyes. It's out of the question to spend your time squinting or exposing your eyes to glare! The sun is back in full force this season. Treat yourself to a pair of sunglasses that will make you shine, whether on a terrace, in your car, in the mountains or doing your daily activities. Discover the sunglasses trends for summer 2023.

In 2023, choose pink, tortoiseshell, oversized frames or transparency for the trendiest sunglasses. 

Tortoiseshell is the star of the season.

You may have noticed that the tortoiseshell trend is back. And if tortoiseshell doesn't make its way onto our clothing, it will be on your accessories and blend very well with most styles. Moreover, we find this timeless and all-purpose pattern everywhere. So why deprive yourself? Glasses with tortoiseshell patterns can only embellish your spring and summer wardrobe.


See life in pink

For the summer of 2023, the fashion world will see life in pink. It's everywhere: on our shoes, our jackets, our handbags, but also our frames! Tenderness, happiness and femininity, pink is a timeless colour that crosses the seasons and suits all ages and styles. From pastel pink to fuchsia, from translucent to bright pink, pink glasses are popular.


Oversize frames

Sunglasses brands love the oversized trend: it gives a real movie-star look to anyone wearing them. Oversized frames with a bold structure are all the rage! Dare to use the clean lines of acetate frames.


Transparency to play with different styles

Transparency is also trending in 2023. Fashion lovers all agree transparency is seductive. Whether crystal or coloured, it is easy to wear. Transparency can be added to tortoiseshell, colour and crystal.


Visit your IRIS store to discover the latest trends in sunglasses. Take your style to the next level, and have fun trying on more than one look.