Every season has its own fashion trends for clothes, handbags, shoes, hairstyles and accessories. And eyewear is no exception! Through the eyes of the fashion world, here are the frame trends for the coming seasons.

Spring: Transparency

For spring 2024, transparency is elegant and modern. In frames, you'll find it in crystal, colored or speckled. Some frames are straightforward in shape, while others are more subtle. The trendy eyewear of 2024 is transparent.  


This summer: blue frames

In 2024, blue is one of the timeless colors that must be worn. Whether mineral blue, cobalt blue, denim blue or pastel blue... This summer, blue is making its way onto frames, bringing out the best in our complexions.  


Autumn: natural shades and sustainable frames

Frames will take their inspiration directly from nature. Colors like brown and green will be very trendy. In addition, opt for materials made from natural and recycled materials to create high-quality, long-lasting frames.


Winter: Oversized forever!

Until now, oversized frames were often designed as sunglasses, but now they're also available with prescription glasses! And yes, the look of a star is within reach. Ask our vision professionals at IRIS for advice on choosing the frame shape that's right for you this winter.