Fashion accessories in their own right, eyewear follows the latest runway trends. And 2023 is no exception to the rule! What are the top 2023 trends in eyewear? Choose from geometric, 70s-inspired, oversized and designer frames; you'll find a fantastic array of frames to suit any style. With elegant yet assertive aesthetics, new styles will be on everyone's must-have list. Need a new pair of glasses? Here are our tips for thinking outside the box this year!

#1 - Geometric frames: All about originality

Geometric shapes showcase sophistication and a keen sense of fashion. Whether they are made of plastic or metal, these frames bring an intensely seductive twist to any outfit.

The best way to wear them is to choose a frame that will follow the natural line of your eyebrows. Make an appointment at one of our stores for advice on your face shape!

#2 – 70s shapes: A major trend for women's eyewear in 2023

Frames have become genuine design accessories. Frames that pay tribute to the 70s are perfect for both upscale and casual outfits! Their original designs, often with geometric curves, give them a modern and timeless look at the same time. You can select from various shapes: round, square, butterfly, or aviator!

#3 - Aviator frames: An ongoing trend for men's eyewear in 2023

These bridge frames were all the rage in the 70s—and they haven't aged one bit. The architectural shape of these single and double-bridge glasses provides structure to your face. Aviator glasses are suitable for square, oval and triangular faces.

Made from metal or acetate, aviator frames dress up men's styles. If you are looking for the top trend in eyeglasses for men, you've found it!

#4 The oversized frame for a retro look

Once again, large, oversized shapes are in the spotlight this year! And because big frames are made of lightweight materials, everyone will want them!

Bigger and wider oversized eyewear also provides additional comfort. By choosing a pair of these statement pieces, you'll add a touch of boldness and panache to your everyday style.

#5 - Transparent frames to highlight your features

Play it up with transparent glasses and give your style a fresh look! Light and translucent, transparent frames let the light shine through to illuminate your face.

This is a major trend for women's glasses in 2023. You can choose between coloured or clear frames matching all business and evening attire.

As you can see, you have many styles to discover! Interested in learning more about how to find the frame that will perfectly match your style? It all depends on your personality and the shape of your face. To take advantage of the advice of our IRIS experts, find us at the store nearest you!