Fashion accessories in their own right, eyeglasses and sunglasses follow all major design trends. 2022 is no exception to the rule, bringing its share of novelties! What is in store for 2022 eyewear trends? Futuristic, sleek, hip and expressive: these words perfectly sum up the new collections. A simple but assertive aesthetic that will appeal to everyone who needs a new pair of glasses. Here are our tips to add some style to your look!

#1 - Large acetate frames

Acetate is a type of plastic that is particularly resistant and widely used in manufacturing new frames. This year, large, wide and rectangular shapes are in the spotlight! It's a trend for men's eyewear in 2022 and women's eyewear. Deep colours like brown, indigo and purple remain as timeless as black.

And for those who prefer bright colours, there are many options! Brightly coloured frames are just as trendy this year. Whether you are looking for glasses or sunglasses, they will catch the eye!

#2 - The cat-eye shape: A trend for women's eyewear in 2022

The geometric cat-eye shape elegantly dresses up the frame of trendy women's glasses in 2022. This type of eyewear is sophisticated and elegant. Whether they are made of plastic or metal, these frames are bold. And the most beautiful way to wear them is to choose the frame that will follow the natural line of your eyebrows. Make an appointment at one of our stores to get more advice!




#3 The vintage frame

Eyeglass frames have become true design accessories. Vintage eyewear is a trendy choice that will complement a chic or casual outfit! A wide range of vintage frames with edgy shapes is available for both men and women. Their sleek designs with geometric curves give them a modern yet timeless look!

LYA CF5009-C2


LYA CC1033-C3

#4 - Eyeglasses and sunglasses with predominant bridges

Bridge frames that feature a bar at the nose are making a comeback. The architectural shape of these single or double-bridge glasses structures the face. Thin or oversized metal frames dress up any look with timeless elegance. Therefore, aviator glasses are part of the trends for men's eyewear in 2022!

Ray Ban-RB-4285

LYA CF5009-C2

With the option of wearing contact lenses, opting for prescription glasses is a choice. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect frame to match your style! The best option always depends on your personality and face shape. To take advantage of the advice of our IRIS professionals, find the store nearest you!