Have you heard of Transitions® light intelligent lenses, which darken according to light conditions? A real asset for adding style to your glasses. Available in various colours and effects to suit all tastes, these lenses add a unique touch to any frame.

During autumn, Transitions® lenses are a must-have. These lenses are also renowned for offering good protection and comfort in varying light conditions.  

Transitions® lenses are a stylish way to protect your eyes.

Transitions® lenses are suitable for virtually any frame, thick or thin, subtle or coloured, and almost any prescription. They add punch to translucent or thin metal frames for a sublime style. Creating refined, elegant or electrifying looks has never been easier, thanks to the colours available. Moreover, those who want to stand out from the crowd will surely get a personalized and unique result. 

The various colours in the Transitions® lens range are ideal for anyone who wants to emphasize their bold, assertive character and leave their mark through this distinctive product. Among the tints, the Amethyst shade will give a more feminine touch to the frame, while the more discreet Amber colour will bring a more sober style. Are you looking for a look that will get noticed? Mirror-effect lenses will give you the distinctive style to shine without being dazzled. When worn indoors, they have a very slight mirror effect. The lenses begin to darken as soon as they are exposed to light, and the mirror effect becomes more visible. The Silver or Copper shades in the range will enhance an assertive personality that's a little more classic, while the Sapphire and Emerald tints give an energetic look.

Why choose photochromic lenses? 

Sometimes, the brightness of the environment varies, even slightly, without you noticing. Transitions® lenses darken in response to a change in brightness when exposed to UV, gradually going from lighter to darker. Blocking 100% of UVA and UVB rays and reducing eye fatigue, they provide optimum comfort of vision. Thanks to their features, the Transitions® range will meet your needs in all your daily activities. With these lenses, showing off your style is easy while keeping your eyes perfectly protected from UV rays. 

If you're looking for a trendy product that provides remarkable comfort in varying light conditions while effectively protecting your eyes from UV rays, Transitions® lenses are for you! Our vision professionals at IRIS can advise you on which lenses are right for you.

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