Life has changed after the pandemic. Our screen time has increased dramatically. Based on feedback from many contact lens wearers, the professionals at Johnson & Johnson designed contact lenses to meet the demands of their digitally intensive lifestyles to help prevent dry, tired eyes.

The Acuvue® Oasys Max 1-Day contact lenses help reduce discomfort by providing visual clarity with new technologies to filter blue light, which comes from many sources, including digital screens, which can lead to eye discomfort and diminished quality of vision. 

Adults spend over 10 hours daily on digital devices, a significant increase from 2019. When looking at a digital screen, we blink up to 60% less, which can destabilize the tear film, impacting comfort and vision. Blue light diffuses from digital screens, fluorescent/LED lights and the sun, impacting visual clarity. 

These demands are even more troubling for aging eyes. While digital screen use destabilizes the tear film at all ages, the tear film breaks down 50% faster at age 50, exacerbating dry eye sensations and impacting visual coherence. Meanwhile, light scattering doubles at age 60, leading to increased visual artifacts (stars, halos) and reduced ability to drive at night or read in the dark. 

For patients with presbyopia (a condition that affects everyone around age 40 and impacts near vision), OASYS MAX 1-Day MULTIFOCAL contact lenses provide sharp, clear vision at all distances and in all lighting conditions, as well as all-day comfort.   

The lenses combine the same two powerful technologies, TearStable ™ technology and OptiBlue™ light filter plus PUPIL OPTIMIZED DESIGN technology, which adjusts 100% of the settings to variations in pupil size with age and refraction for exceptionally effortless vision. This technology is available on all Johnson & Johnson Acuvue® contact lenses. 

Ask your IRIS optometrist about Acuvue® Oasys Max 1-Day contact lenses for greater visual comfort and the experience of better vision.