Contact lenses have come a long way since their invention. They have evolved to meet various visual needs and provide optimal comfort for wearers while maintaining a commitment to environmental sustainability. Among the leaders in this industry, CooperVision stands out for its innovation and environmental responsibility. One of CooperVision's most recent advances is the notion of "plastic neutrality," a feature that transforms the lens-wearing experience for wearers while respecting our planet. 

Understanding Plastic Neutrality

Plastic Neutrality is a concept introduced by CooperVision to improve the comfort and performance of contact lenses while reducing the environmental impact of their production and use. Simply put, it's about creating lenses that minimize their ecological footprint while offering a comfortable and safe wearing experience. This innovative approach incorporates environmentally friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices while maintaining exceptional visual quality. 

Traditionally, contact lenses have used materials that can have a negative impact on the environment, both in manufacture and disposal. CooperVision's plastic neutrality aims to change this by taking a holistic approach that considers the needs of users and those of the planet.

The benefits of CooperVision plastic-neutral contact lenses

  • Increased comfort: Using environmentally friendly materials, plastic-neutral lenses offer superior comfort while reducing their impact on the planet.
  • Reduced Irritation: CooperVision Plastic Neutral contact lenses are designed to minimize allergic reactions and eye irritation, providing a safer, more comfortable wearing experience.
  • Environmental Sustainability: By adopting sustainable manufacturing practices and using eco-friendly materials, CooperVision is committed to reducing its products' carbon footprint helping preserve the environment.
  • Responsible Innovation: By integrating plastic neutrality into their contact lenses, CooperVision leads the way in responsible innovation, demonstrating that it is possible to reconcile visual performance, comfort and respect for the environment.

CooperVision contact lenses represent a significant advance in visual correction and environmental sustainability. By offering superior comfort, reduced irritation and a minimal ecological footprint, these lenses are part of a global approach to environmental responsibility. With their ongoing commitment to innovation and quality, CooperVision shows that it's possible to protect both our eyes and our planet, providing clear and comfortable vision for future generations.