Cooper Vision is committed to reducing its environmental impact by reducing their water consumption. Water is a vital resource for Cooper Vision and the communities in which they operate. Sustained efforts to continually reduce overall consumption is encouraging reuse and recycling, and using rainwater more efficiently to save Cooper Vision millions of gallons or liters of water each year. These results help preserve local water supplies in the communities where they operate.

 Cooper Vision's key achievements

  • Process wastewater re-use. The water reuse project at their Puerto Rico facility, which diverts process water to cooling towers, saves tens of millions of gallons annually.
  • Establishing rainwater harvesting programs that are then used in sanitary facilities and climate control systems.
  • Their water conservation efforts have earned them numerous awards including, recently, the Pre-treatment Compliance Excellence Award from PRASA (Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Water Authority).

Cooper Vision has implemented a program to reduce their environmental impact in four key areas: water, energy, recycling and personnel.  These environmentally responsible practices they have chosen to adopt include improving their operations to reduce water consumption and recycling almost all of the plastics used in the production process.

Ideas that are put in place for the good of our planet and future generations.