Bio-Inspiration and Bausch & Lomb

For more than 160 years, Bausch+Lomb has been an innovator in eye care. This is widely appreciated but also brings a great deal of responsibility. This responsibility means that Bausch+Lomb must constantly strive for the best solution. Bausch+Lomb has delved deeper into bio-inspiration and, more specifically, what it can mean for eye care. The result: the Biotrue brand. The products in the Biotrue line have the distinction of being bio-inspired. It is inspired by the biology of your eyes.

The definition of bio-inspiration is the following:

Bio-inspiration is a discipline that studies and applies the best ideas from nature to generate cutting-edge products and technologies. Bio-inspiration is the examination of a system that occurs in nature and then determining how it works and applying that system to other purposes. It is also important to immediately determine what bio-inspiration is not. Bio-inspiration is not the same as "green," "natural," "organic," or "sustainable." Instead, these terms indicate how something has been produced. Bio-inspiration looks at what works well in nature and then applies that to other products. Meanwhile, Biotrue is already a large family with contact lenses, contact lens solutions and eye drops.

Bio-inspiration and the Biotrue multifunctional solution

The Biotrue multifunctional solution was developed to work exactly like your eyes. Bausch + Lomb has developed a unique and innovative eye care solution by studying how eyes work to clean, moisturize, and maintain their health. The Biotrue multifunctional solution goes beyond excellent decontamination by bringing together three bio-inspired innovations:

- PH corresponding to that of natural tears

- Contains a lubricant naturally present in the eyes

- Maintains the antibacterial activity of beneficial tear proteins

Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution allows you to wear your contact lenses for up to 20 hours. That's a common desire these days! 

Bio-inspiration and Biotrue ONEday contact lenses 

Biotrue ONEday contact lenses are made of an innovative, bio-inspired material called Hypergel™. This material has three bio-inspired features:

- Mimics the function of the lipid layer of the tear film, thanks to the lubricant embedded in the lens material. This prevents drying out and maintains good vision.

- Hydrophilicity equivalent to that of the cornea (78%) for excellent wearing comfort.

- Meets the oxygen needs of the open eye for healthy, white eyes.

Biotrue ONEday contact lenses are designed to work like your eyes for comfortable vision all day long!

Biotrue Bio-Inspiration and Moisturizing Eye Drops

Biotrue MDO® Moisturizing Eye Drops are ideal for quick relief and hydration of dry eyes caused by external factors. These drops naturally cool and moisten the eye and relieve the symptoms of tired, irritated and watery eyes. Biotrue drops provide natural refreshment and direct hydration of intensely tired eyes caused by external factors. Main characteristics and advantages:

- PH corresponding to that of natural tears

- No preservatives

- Can be stored for up to six months after opening

- Suitable for all types of contact lenses

Bio-inspiration is at the heart of the Biotrue brand and is seen by both Bausch+Lomb and the national and international optical community as an essential pillar of Bausch+Lomb's development of new products for ocular health.

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