If you feel like Father’s Day is all about spending some quality time with your dad, here is a list of activities that will make your dad feel special for the occasion!

Go golfing or driving balls
Whether dad is a pro on the golf course or more of an ace at putt-putt, an afternoon of golf is the perfect activity! And, if your dad is the goofy type, stick with mini-putt to give him a chance to practice his best dad-jokes! If you or your dad are not seasoned golfers, you can go to the driving range instead!

Go shopping
If your dad is all about stylish clothes and is not the kind that sits on a bench while you shop, he will enjoy a shopping spree with his favorite stylist: you, of course! You can even challenge him to pick out an outfit for you! 

Visit a museum
Whether your father loves cars, history or art, let’s bet that there are many exhibitions near you that could interest him! Visiting a museum is an activity we too often forget about! Your dad will enjoy learning more about a subject that he’s passionate about while spending time with you.

Go for a bike ride
Spending the day cruising around on two wheels is fun and also healthy! You can let him take you on his usual track or you can challenge him, taking him somewhere he’s never rode before. You could even take him in the woods for a mountain-bike adventure!

Take him on a micro-brew tour
Make dad’s day by toasting him at a local micro-brew! There's even a no-brainer built-in gift: bring home some of the day’s best bottles to remember the day for weeks to come. And, no need to feel guilty over that beer belly.

Go fishing
Let’s bet you haven’t gone fishing with your dad in a while! No need to go too far or to rent a canoe: you can find many spots close to your area, which are approved by local fishers! Pack some sandwiches, beers and your favourite shades to enjoy some quality time with dad at no cost!

Take him to a music concert
What's playing nearby? Check local listings for an outdoor music festival or concert your pop might appreciate.

Register him for a race
If your dad is the kind that enjoys a good jog, why not challenge him to beat his best time during a race? Register with him so that the two of you can motivate the other while getting ready for the big day. Your father will enjoy a little challenge that the two of you will share!

Volunteer for a good cause
He's given you so much, now it's time for you both to give back. Turn spending time with dad into one of the most meaningful father's day activities out there: helping those in your community.

We hope this list got you inspired to plan a special day with your favourite man! IRIS wishes all the amazing dads a great Father’s Day!


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