With two years' experience at IRIS, Jérémie l'Espérance, Optometric Assistant in St-Hubert, has quickly found his place within the IRIS family. His desire to take part in the "IRIS, It’s Me" campaign is motivated not only by a desire to shine a spotlight on the in-store team members, but also by his passion for film sets, as an actor himself. For him, this campaign offers a unique opportunity to merge his professional career with his artistic passion.

What excites him most about his work? It's the sense of accomplishment he feels when patients leave the clinic happy and amazed by the team's warm approach. It's this positive interaction that gives meaning to every working day.

Asked how he identifies with the "IRIS, It’s Me" campaign, Jérémie emphasizes the adherence to IRIS values such as Passion, Honesty and Respect, as well as the exceptional dynamic within the IRIS family. Getting up in the morning and offering outstanding service are aspects that resonate deeply with his own work philosophy.

According to Jérémie, if IRIS could be described in a single word, it would be "family". This family atmosphere, where everyone contributes to the common success, is a source of pride and satisfaction for Jérémie.

What makes him most proud to work for IRIS is the dedication of his fellow optometrists to their patients. The incredible passion that drives the team is a driving force, and he feels genuine pride in being part of such a dedicated team. 

As for his favourite style of eyewear, Jérémie is particularly fond of Hugo Boss and Oga. His preference is for round glasses, underlining his taste for a style that is both classic and trendy.


 Jérémie's story highlights the harmonious combination of professional and artistic passion within his second family: the IRIS family.