Marie So has been sharing her passion for eyewear fashion and her love of IRIS for the past four years. Marie reveals in this article what inspired her to become one of the faces of the "IRIS, It'me" campaign.

Marie was intrigued when the "Become a model for the IRIS campaign" contest was launched. Wondering, "Why not me?" she saw an opportunity to merge her passion for social networking with her love of lifestyle and personal taste. She thought, why not try it and share her world with the IRIS community?

What excites her most about her work? Style, eyewear, novelties and fashion. She loves sharing her ideas and, above all, guiding customers in their choice of eyewear. Every pair of glasses tells a story for her, and she likes to be there to help customers find the one that matches theirs perfectly. 

Asked how she identifies with the "IRIS, It's me" campaign, she answers without hesitation, "IRIS is my style." For her, IRIS is not just a company. It's an extension of her personal style, an integral part of her life.

If she had to describe IRIS in one word, she would choose "family." For her, IRIS is much more than a company. It's a family where eyewear enthusiasts come together to share their common love of fashion and optics. It's also a style that transcends fleeting trends and expresses itself through each carefully selected frame. 

What fills her with pride in working for IRIS is the opportunity to share her favourite frames, to suggest and recommend, and above all, to see customers leave the store happy and confident. For her, this confidence results from a deep commitment to customer satisfaction and an unwavering passion for eyewear. 

As for her favourite eyewear style, this ambassador has two favourites... She loves Silhouette frames for their lightness and uncompromising comfort and Maui Jim for their exceptional colours. However, the golden rule for her is that her eyewear should reflect her personal style because eyewear is much more than an accessory. It's an extension of her personality.

Through this interview, Marie So offers us an intimate glimpse into her passion, commitment to style, and pride in being part of the IRIS family. It's a testament to the individuality, trust and shared love of eyewear within the IRIS community.