The eyes are the organs that are used the most daily. Sight is a precious sense that gives us the power to observe everything around us. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance to protect our eyes with safety glasses.

Wearing safety glasses is mandatory in specific fields or while practicing certain activities. They protect the eyes from possible projectiles or the splashing of corrosive liquids. It is the responsibility of employers to provide employees with safety glasses. The choice of eyewear is essential, as not all eyewear has the same protective capacity.

Wearing protective eyewear should never be taken lightly, as this personal protective equipment can help protect you against serious, even blinding, hazards that can damage the eyes.

There are various types of risks, such as:

  • Mechanical risks such as shocks or the projection of solid particles into the eyes: dust, wood chips, metal chips.
  • Risks related to radiation: ultraviolet, blue light, laser, infrared.
  • Chemical dangers due to the projection of solvents, corrosive products and any other dangerous products into the eyes.
  • Thermal risks due to fire, heat, molten metal projection, cold.

This list is not exhaustive since even electricians must wear specific glasses sometimes integrated with face shields. Before choosing the right pair of glasses, it is essential to determine the type of risk you are exposed to and take your needs into account. Safety standards must also be taken seriously for optimal protection.


Consult your IRIS optician for advice tailored to your needs.