You probably noticed that double-bridge frames are everywhere this season. This key detail is now available on all styles of frames whether they are classic or extravagant. A double bridge is as appealing on round, square or teardrop frames, reminding us of the Aviator model from Ray-Ban. Moreover, this specific model actually marked the origins of this invention.

Everything began in 1853 when John Jacob Baush and Henry Lomb, both opticians, met. Together, they funded Baush & Lomb, a current leader in the optical and ophthalmological fields. They developed many optical related products, including microscopes and daguerreotype, which is none other than the first photographic process! In 1921, the first Aviator model was created for the US Air Force. It quickly became very popular among Second World War pilots, which contributed to the success of double-bridge frames worn today.

A pair of Ray Ban glasses with a golden double-bridge on a pink background.

The Aviator model had the particularity to offer bigger lenses than the ones pilots were used to wearing, better protecting their eyes from UV rays and glare. As for the double bridge, it increased the resistance of the frame and balanced everything. Lighter and more elegant than the classic airplane pilot glasses, the Aviator quickly won over the pilot's hearts. In 1937, the Ray-Ban brand launched, after the famous green sunglasses launched by Baush & Lomb was patented. That is how the Aviator model was marketed and made available to all. In movies, double-bridge glasses were for a long time associated to the first-class stereotype. In the 70s and 80s, the style was proudly worn by multiple celebrities, including Tom Cruise in the Top Gun movie.

This style used to be worn solely by men, but today they are for everyone. The double-bridge offers an emblematic and timeless style with a retro touch. It is now available in so many variations! You do not dare to wear the double-bridge frame with clear glasses? To ease yourself into this look, try it first as sunglasses. Some models include a slightly thinner than usual double bridge, which softens the style. To view our double-bridge styles, call us to book an appointment to visit your closest IRIS location. Our eye care professionals will be delighted to help you find the model that will become your new favourite!