Over the past several months, nationwide social distancing measures have resulted in the majority of us spending more time indoors and less time outdoors. And spending more time indoors, in addition to being one of the causes of the myopia epidemic that the world is silently going through these days, is also associated with more time spent in front of screens 

Simultaneously, working from home became a reality for many Canadians. And without coworkers to embellish our days by inquiring about our plans for the upcoming weekend or not having in-person meetings, we are spending more hours staring at our screens for the same number of hours of work.

Since we tend to blink less when staring at a screen, the risk of presenting dry-eye symptoms is higher in these circumstances. That's not all; another factor you are probably very familiar with, which also causes an increase in dry eye symptoms: wearing a mask

With all those factors undermining your eyes' hydration, we had to tell you about a technology the contact lens brand Acuvue patented and integrates into all of their products: their "Moisture-Infused Technology."  Acuvue incorporates PVP, a water-soluble polymer that allows the lens to retain a higher water concentration all day long. Combined with eye drops, if symptoms persist, as well as our best tricks to reduce dry-eye symptoms, these contact lenses can help you feel more comfortable during the day!

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