Transitions™ now offers darker lenses and better light protection.

If you're highly sensitive to light, or frequently exposed to bright light, Transitions™ XTRActive® new generation lenses are for you.

Transitions™ XTRActive®, new generation lenses, are the darkest photochromic lenses available. They have been tested by people who wear glasses in their daily lives in various situations with different light and have proven to be very successful, with an overall high satisfaction rate.

Blue light protection and better protection when you drive.

The new generation of Transitions™ XTRActive® lenses provides the most effective protection against blue light. The lenses are very dark in sunlight to provide the best protection against harmful blue light in all light conditions.  

These photochromic lenses are the only ones to reach a category three darkening level in hot weather, even when you are in your car. Level 3 is the same as sunglasses. So, your eyes are protected while you drive.

For all the details on Transitions™ lenses, contact your IRIS eye care professionals.