Over past decades, new trends have appeared and settled in for either one season or for a few years at a time. But, some fads like skinny jeans, vinyl records and bell-bottom pants, which faded many moons ago are making a huge comeback these days. Glasses are no exception to this immutable law! Today, we’re suggesting a quick tour of the biggest trends of the 50s right through to the 90s which are back in style, through the frames available at the moment at IRIS. Enjoy your trip down memory lane!

The 50s

Narrow and elongated frames are all the rage among women, we’re noticing quite a lot of cat-eye and oval-shaped frames. For men the frames are rather rectangular and made partially of metal.

Frames: Neubau - Virginia-N17, Neubau - Roland, Maui Jim - 2712

The 60s

High and extravagant glasses with wide rims are introduced as well as sunglasses with lenses of various colours. Cat-eye is still in fashion, and round and geometric shapes are very popular.

Frames: Prodesign Denmark – 3152, LYA - 1001-c1, Silhouette – 2924

The 70s

We like them larger and bigger! Square-shaped glasses with a double bridge are loved by all, men and women, and metal frames are highly popular.

Frames: LYA - 5005-C2, LYA - 5008-C4 and Tom Ford - 5634-B

The 80s

Even though the Aviator frame was invented in the 20s, the fact that Tom Cruise wore them in the 1986 movie Top Gun and the popularity they gained among Hollywood celebrities made it the iconic frame of the decade. Plastic coloured frames, mirror lenses and square frames with a low bridge are also sought after.

Frames: Tom Ford – 5630 B, LYA – 1005 C1and the Maui Jim - Mavericks

The 90s

Narrow glasses are back! The 50s greatly influenced the trends of this decade. Sunglasses with pink, red or almost black lenses are on the front page of magazines. Frames are smaller and rounder, often cat-eye shaped.

Frames: Ray Ban - 3847, Versace - 3256, Versace - 4538

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