Choosing a new pair of glasses is definitely exciting! At IRIS, we have been happily helping our patients choose new frames for many years now. Over time, we have realized that very often, glasses are a reflection of the personality of the person who wears them. At first glance, a frame says a lot about the character of the wearer. 

Our Opticians are always there to make sure that your new frame reflects your tastes and personality as well as your budget. Here are some of our observations on frame styles in relation to the personality of our patients.

Are you creative and bold? Opt for a frame in a unique colour!

You are bold, creative and unafraid of change. You embrace what is out of the ordinary. You have great confidence in your ability to adopt a bold and different look. You are always looking for a pair of glasses with a fairly classic look, but which has a little ''je ne sais quoi'' that differentiates them. Our suggestion: opt for a frame in a unique and original colour! 

Nowadays, there are just so many shades out there, you must definitely take advantage of it! And, if we're talking about ''colours'' we're also talking about the absence of colour: transparent glasses are also an excellent choice for those who want a look that is out of the ordinary and reveals a creative nature! The transparency trend has taken some time to be accepted but has now taken off and it is now well established. We see more and more men and women proudly wearing translucent frames!

Transparent glasses

Are you classic and minimalist? Opt for a black metal or plastic frame!

If you are more discreet, it does not mean that style is not important for you! On the contrary, for you it is absolutely natural and important to follow fashion trends and you are eagerly looking for new trends in eyewear. You're stylish from head-to-toe. Your accessories are important to you and your glasses are no exception. 

We suggest you prioritize a black frame that will fit your look at any time for both your days and for chic evenings out. Black is not out of fashion; it is an absolutely classic and is very classy. This choice is a pretty "safe" one, you may not be the type to take risks, but you definitely take your look seriously! Whether you choose a slim, minimalist metal frame or a daring and bold plastic frame, you are definitely aware that your glasses add a special touch to your look and are part of your style.

Black metal glasses

Are you independent and original? Opt for patterns and dare to wear tortoise!

A frame in a solid colour bores you. Nothing is worse for you than going unnoticed. You like to set a precedent with your glasses and like it when people notice your audacity and originality even before you speak. The tortoise glasses are just as unique as the people who wear them because, thanks to their unique pattern, no tortoise frame is exactly the same! 

Thus, if you come across someone wearing the same pair of glasses as you, there is a good chance that they do not look the same on the other person because the pattern will be different. If you like your glasses to match your unique style, you'll definitely love wearing patterned and tortoise glasses.

Tortoise glasses

Are you a nostalgic with need for a little modern touch? Opt for double-bridge frames!

Some of our patients have experienced the craze of double-bridge glasses back in the 1960s, and now our younger patients are discovering this iconic trend in the world of optics. This trend which was mainly reserved for men a few decades ago is now increasingly adopted by women who like to reinvent and pay tribute to this iconic and retro style. 

Today, designers like to play with shapes that contour the eye and with the bridge itself. There are more and more frames with a double bridge curved up or down and in different materials and colours. And while some double-bridge glasses are completely redefining the norm, many of our patients are also opting for a more traditional version. For example, the aviator and the double bridge are a match made in heaven, and are widely adopted by our patients who enjoy a look that is both modern and retro.

Double-bridge glasses

Do you own multiple pairs of glasses in different styles? Most likely! Your personality is completely unique and evolves over time, so you've probably already had the chance to experiment with many of these styles! Some of our patients love to change the styles of their frames over time and even with the changing seasons. How do you feel at this specific time in your life? What do you want your style to reflect? What facet of your personality do you want to put forward?

Visit your nearest IRIS store to try on a wide variety of frames. With the help of our passionate team, we are certain that you will fall in love with a new pair of glasses that will highlight both your personality and your style!