Yes, transparent glasses are a thing! And it’s one of the most popular trends this year! In fact, this trend has been around for many years but recently increased in popularity. Every fashion blogger out there owns a pair, and they just can’t get enough of it. This season, you will see a lot of retro-inspired, modern and classic transparent glasses. Are you looking for a clear frame but are not too sure how to style them? Here are a few tips:

The right shade for you!

Pretty transparent glassesClear glasses come in many different colours: nude, pink, blue, etc. The key is to find the shade that will complement your skin, hair colour and style.


We recommend clear, nude or light blush pink. Softer colours will accent your natural beauty, add a touch of light to your eyes and complement your hair.


Blue, green, and even a clear transparent. Want to get noticed? Then bolder is better! Brunettes can also opt for a clear transparent frame for a softer, more subtle look.


Lucky you! Most redheads can pull off any colour when it comes to transparent frames. So go ahead and try a pair!

Your clothes!

Modern transparent glasses

When it comes to transparent frames, we recommend lighter clothing (neutral colours). Darker clothes might steal the attention away from your glasses. A lighter outfit will keep all the attention on your trendy glasses!

Pick Your Shape!

Glasses with transparent frame

Transparent glasses, just like people, come in all shapes and sizes! Make sure to pick the right shape and size for your face.

No matter your hair colour, your face shape or your age, there is a transparent pair of glasses just waiting for you to try them!