Halloween is coming! This is the time of year when we decorate our homes with spooky decorations. Pumpkins, black cats and ghosts are sure to be seen on the night when children go out trick or treating. Here are 8 scary and surprising facts about your eyes to set the mood for this ghost fest.

1. We blink 15 to 20 times per minute

That's 28,000 blinks a day, or 10.2 million a year! Did you know that a blink lasts only 100 to 150 microseconds? This movement helps moisturize and clean the eyes. With each blink, the fluid created by our tears is spread through the eyelid to maintain hydration of the eye.

2. The muscles of the eyes are the most active in our entire body

They are called the oculomotor muscles. Most eye movements are involuntary: your eyes move often without you noticing! These movements are very fast a look can last as long as 50 to 60 milliseconds.

3. Some people are afraid of eyes

Fear of the eyes does exist. It is called ommatophobia. People who suffer from it quiver at the thought of globular eyes of underwater creatures but, also, just by the thought of human eyes. This fear typically develops after a person has experienced or witnessed a major eye injury.

4. Each eye holds 7 million cones and 100 million rods

The cones and rods are photoreceptors located on the retina. The cones are used to discern colours and details. They ensure good visual acuity and ideally 20/20 vision. As for the rods, they help us see in the dark. They are particularly sensitive to low-intensity light.

5. The eyes heal faster than other parts of the body

The healing of the cornea can be very fast. For example, a superficial scratch on the cornea can heal as quickly as 24 to 48 hours!

6. There's a blind spot in the retina

Part of the retina is made of photoreceptors and, it contains a single blind spot. This blind spot is where the optic nerve fits into the retina. According to this, part of the visual field should be missing. However, the brain takes care of filling the blind spot so that it is imperceptible. Yes, your brain is playing tricks on you!

7. Mites can live in your eyelashes

The Demodex folliculorum is a type of mite that lives in facial hair, especially in eyelashes. It is invisible to the naked eye. It is found in approximately 10 to 20% of the population, especially the elderly. Rest assured, the Demodex is usually safe and won't cause your eyes any harm!

8. Your eyes see the world upside down

Did you know that the image captured by your eyes is actually upside down? It's the brain that takes care of putting it back in the right direction, and in only a fraction of a second!

The eyes are, without a doubt, one of the most amazing parts of our body. They also are the most important and fragile part of the human body. Before using fancy contact lenses for your costume this year, consult your optometrist to ensure they are safe.

We wish you a happy Halloween!