Your glasses give you excellent vision indoors and at night. However, they can't give you optimum vision outdoors. Nothing beats prescription sunglasses to maintain and preserve your eye health for your outdoor activities in winter and summer. Choosing the lenses best suited to your eyesight and activities improves your perception of contrasts, distances, and landscapes in different light conditions.

Prevent eye damage with prescription sunglasses

When sunglasses aren't as comfortable as prescription glasses, it's natural to prioritize comfort first. It's not uncommon for sunglasses to remain in their cases. However, over the years, prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to eye problems, such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, etc.

Sunglasses prevent UV rays from damaging your eyes—regardless of the weather and season. Even on cloudy days, harmful rays can penetrate your eyes. A quality pair of sunglasses makes all the difference!

Prescription sunglasses combine the benefits of UV protection with the vision correction of your optical eyewear. They give you all the comfort you need. And when it's time to go outside, you'll want to wear them even more!

Improve your vision with prescription sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses will help you avoid glare caused by the sun and enable you to see more clearly. In other words, they improve your vision.

Moreover, IRIS opticians can help you choose the frames and lenses best suited to your activities. Whether you're a cyclist, kayaker or cross-country skier, you can take full advantage of your activities and scenery.

Our opticians will also make the necessary adjustments so that your pair fits perfectly to the shape of your face. You can enjoy greater comfort with a pair of made-to-measure sunglasses.

Improve contrast with sunglasses adapted to the eye

Different lens tints for sunglasses influence what you see. By choosing a pair of sunglasses adapted to your eyesight, you can select the anti-UV treatment according to your needs.

Prescription-tinted lenses can improve visual contrast, making distinguishing details in the environment easier. As a result, your pair of sunglasses can be worn when you're driving, playing sports or participating in outdoor activities.

And if you need optimum protection against glare, you can opt for polarized lenses. These sunglasses neutralize the bright reflections of light coming from the surface of the water, snow, ice, etc.

Prevent eye fatigue with corrective sunglasses

With quality sunglasses, you can enjoy optimal, distortion-free vision. It's common for inexpensive sunglasses to scratch quickly and show imperfections that cause distortion. This can affect vision and cause eye fatigue and headaches for some people.

Corrective sunglasses help reduce eye strain by filtering out excessive light and providing better visual comfort.

As you can see, prescription sunglasses offer many benefits for eye health. By combining sun protection with vision correction, these glasses provide unmatched comfort, which encourages regular use.

For your prescription sunglasses, don't hesitate to book an appointment for an eye exam. Our eye care professionals will make sure you get the right pair!