Looking after your eyewear pays off with frames that last longer and lenses that perform their best.  Take a minute to read our eyewear maintenance guide, and you’ll see the difference.


Keep them clean!

Benefit from a clear vision and the full power of your prescription lenses by including eyewear cleaning in your daily routine. Take a few minutes and follow these easy steps to look and see your best.


  1. Wash your hands so you don’t transfer oil or dirt onto your glasses.
  2. Rinse your glasses with cool water to remove debris that could scratch surfaces. No hot water, please!  It can damage the coating on your lenses.
  1. Use the pads of your fingers and gently rub liquid dish soap all over your damp lenses and the entire frame. Add a few drops of water and lather up.
  2. Rinse glasses thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  3. Dry glasses with a clean microfiber cloth.
  4. Slip your eyewear on and enjoy clear vision!


Put eyewear on and take them off the right way!

It might seem straightforward, but according to IRIS professionals, using one hand to remove or put on glasses is one of the most common reasons glasses require adjustment.  Always use both hands, and you will avoid stretching the frame, forcing the arms out of alignment and the dreaded nose slip.


If glasses slip, don’t push them up your nose with one finger on the bridge, especially if it’s metal. This causes stress on the center of the frame and nose pads. Instead, use one hand and place your thumb at the bottom and fingers at the top and reposition the frame.


Keep eyewear safe

It needs to be said, eyewear is not a headband. When not on your face, make it a habit to put eyewear away in their case.  Toss an extra case in your glove box or purse, and never leave your glasses or sunglasses unprotected. IRIS eyewear comes with a free case and cleaning cloth.


Get them adjusted!

A professional eyewear adjustment makes the world of difference!  IRIS offers free adjustments. Come in and ask our helpful IRIS Opticians to assess your glasses, tighten loose screws and check the fit. They'll also clean your eyewear.   


At IRIS, we've got you covered!

With IRIS’s No Matter What Guarantee, we'll replace your broken glasses within the first year of purchase, no matter what happens. Just gather up the pieces and bring them to us.

Learn more about all our warranties here.