Everything works better when you show it some love, including your eyeglasses.  If you ever forget about cleaning your glasses or sunglasses (it’s ok, we are all guilty) you know how wonderful it feels to look through sparkling clean lenses, how you appreciate seeing clearly again.  Perhaps though, you didn’t know that something as simple as cleaning your eyewear has a right way to get the best results and protect your lenses and lens coatings.

Here are a few steps to thoroughly clean your eyewear:
-Start with clean hands before cleaning your eyewear. This will remove any dirt, debris, lotion or grease on your hands that can be transferred to your lenses.

-Rinse the eyewear under a gentle stream of room-temperature water. This removes any dust or debris that might scratch your lenses during the cleaning process. Do not use hot water! This can damage the coating of the lenses.

-Apply and gently rub a small drop of lotion-free non-abrasive dish soap on each lens. It is important to wash around the nose pads and the part that rests behind your ears.

-Rinse the lenses and glasses thoroughly to completely remove all soap residue and avoid smudges during the drying process. Shake-off any excess water.

-Dry the frames and lenses with a lint-free cotton towel or a microfibre cloth. Do not use any other type of fabric as you may risk scratching the lenses.

When you are on the go and need a quick alternative, you can opt to use the lens cleaner and cleaning cloth provided by your eye care professional.

Sometimes, our eyewear needs more than a little cleaning.  If the nose pads or branches need to be tightened or the alignment needs to be adjusted, then an optician is exactly what you need! Opticians not only help you select your frames when you are shopping for your new glasses and dispense your lens prescription, but they are trained to take care of any adjustments your eyewear may need.

Accidents happen and glasses can be broken or lenses scratched and it requires more than a tune up!  At IRIS, we have you covered with the No Matter What Guarantee. IRIS will repair or replace your frame if it breaks, no matter what the reason, at no cost within one year of purchase and at 50% off your original frame purchase price if it breaks within the second year*. If your fully coated prescription lenses break or become scratched within one year of the original purchase date, they will be replaced free of charge to you*. This warranty really is beneficial whether you are clumsy or just having a bad day!

Visit your nearest IRIS store for more details on this warranty or for any information concerning your glasses.

*On qualifying products.