You love wearing contact lenses for the freedom and flexibility they provide. But during allergy season, with the itching and tearing, are your contact lenses as comfortable?

This is a problem that many contact lens wearers face. Many times, we need allergy eye drops to relieve the itching.

Imagine wearing contact lenses without worrying about itchy eyes, rubbing your eyes or using allergy drops! ACUVUE® Theravision® Contact Lenses with Ketotifen are the first and only drug-released 1-day disposable contact lenses that provide clear vision and itchy eye relief in one simple step.

These contact lenses contain allergy medication evenly incorporated into the contact lens and provide triple action relief.

50% of the medication is released in the first 15 minutes of wear and continuously over the next 5 hours. Providing fast-acting, long-lasting relief from itchy eyes for up to 12 hours and clear vision that lasts all day.

If your eyes are itchy, you may suffer from eye allergies, a condition affecting many Canadians.

Here are the symptoms of itchy eyes due to allergies:

- Itching

- Redness

- Burning sensation

- Clear, watery discharge 

If you experience any of these symptoms, make an appointment with your trusted optometrist and ask for more information about contact lens options to help you continue wearing contacts, even during allergy season.