The journey of Houtan Jafarzadeh, IRIS Director of Construction/ Integration and Mergers, began 17 years ago. Houtan has a passion for excellence and a real desire to contribute to an innovative company like IRIS.  His decision to take part in the "IRIS, it’s me" campaign was motivated by a desire to attract talented people who share his values and aspirations to join the IRIS family.

What excites Houtan most about working at IRIS is the flexibility and opportunity to collaborate with architects and designers to create stunning IRIS stores. Also, integrating new teams and new independent optometry stores into the IRIS network is a rewarding aspect of his role, as it extends the reach and impact of the brand.

Identifying with the campaign theme, "IRIS, it’s me", Houtan sees IRIS as more than just a place to work, it's his second family. In this supportive environment, team members come together to support each other and strive to achieve a common goal of meeting patients' needs in the best possible way.

If he could describe IRIS in one word, it would undoubtedly be "innovative". IRIS' commitment to innovation and continuous improvement sets it apart in the field of eye care.

What makes Houtan most proud to work for IRIS is the spirit of collaboration and shared values between team members, opticians, optometrists and the management team. Together, they create a dynamic environment in which respect and integrity reign supreme.

When it comes to eyewear style, Houtan's preferences lean towards sophistication and minimalism. Brands such as Tom Ford and Silhouette, especially frameless frames that exude elegance and versatility.

Houtan's journey with IRIS illustrates a commitment to excellence, collaboration and innovation. As IRIS continues to evolve and innovate, people like Houtan remain at the forefront, shaping the future of eye care and eyewear through their passion and dedication.