It is well known that children like to move. Climbing, running, playing ball, jumping! All these activities can take their toll on your little one's glasses. When the glasses break, you need a new pair, and fast! What to do? Thanks to the IRIS No Matter What Guarantee, you can rest easy for two years.  

Did you know that IRIS offers a No Matter What Guarantee that allows you to repair or even replace your child's glasses if they break? And this, no matter what the reason. All this at no charge if the break occurs within one year of the date of purchase or at 50% of the original price if the break occurs in the second year. The IRIS No Matter What Guarantee also applies to prescription lenses! Your child can therefore practice all their favourite activities with complete peace of mind because IRIS will take good care of their glasses.

It is also important that your child's glasses are comfortable so they will want to wear them and enjoy good vision in class and at play. If your child experiences persistent discomfort or has difficulty adjusting, make an appointment at your IRIS store. We will make the necessary adjustments until your child is perfectly comfortable!

Also, IRIS will adjust and clean your child's prescription glasses free of charge as often as necessary, for as long as your child owns their glasses.  

So don't wait any longer, for your child's comfort and your peace of mind, make an appointment today for an eye exam and eyewear selection for your little ones!