Spring is here at last! Usually, spring calls for a spring cleaning. Are you planning on doing that this year? We've prepared a list of chores to include on your list because we know that there is so much to be done and that you might forget some important corners of the house!


The shower curtain
It’s not easy feeling clean when you wash yourself in a dirty shower. If the inner shower curtain is starting to be a little less transparent than it used to be, simply put it in the washing machine and wash it with cold water. Even the most stubborn soap scum will disappear! Plus, why not freshen up your shower with a homemade detergent? We recommend this one: mix 150 ml of vinegar and 150 ml of dish soap and add water until your sprayer is filled. Spray the shower walls, wipe the excess liquid with a cloth and you're done! 


The doors
If you have pale coloured doors in your house, you know how easily they get stained! If dirty fingerprints have been accumulating around the knobs for several months, it's time to clean them! You can use a cloth with liquid soap or your favorite magic eraser.

As a bonus, we share an "old wives' tale": use a potato cut in half and rub it on stubborn stains. As odd as it may seem, the starch contained in the potato dislodges the stains that are deeply embedded in the door. Skeptical? A test will convince you!


Our makeup brushes
It's crazy to think that we use them every day, but that we don’t really wash them often! Since our brushes touch our face daily, it is important to clean them on a regular basis, but we tend to forget, so spring cleaning is a great reminder to do so! You can get a special soap at pharmacy or simply use a gentle shampoo. Rinse it with water and rub the brush on the palm of your hand until there is no more makeup. You will appreciate this little gesture every morning during your makeup routine! 


Those nasty winter accessories
This task is quite simple, but too often, we forget to do it! Our gloves, scarves and hats that  have kept us warm throughout the winter, are dirty! Think about it: they’ve been on restaurant counters, they touched ATMs, dirty car doors and so much more! It will not be a luxury to put your gloves, toques, scarves and other accessories for a few minutes in the washer! Plus, next fall, you will be happy to wear your clean accessories!


Get rid of your old prescription glasses
This is not a chore! This task should absolutely be added to your list because it will allow you to do a good deed while freeing up some storage space. 

For each of its humanitarian missions, IRIS Mundial aims to collect 6,000 pairs of glasses in order to redistribute them to people who need them. Before leaving for the mission, all the glasses that were donated are sorted according to the strength of their lenses and carefully identified to facilitate the work of the team that will be deployed on the mission. Once they arrive in the foreign country, the volunteers do an eye exam on the many patients who patiently wait in queue to get glasses that will allow them to see life in its best light. Once the eye exam is done, the patients meet an optometrist who offers them eyeglasses based on their eyesight. That's when your donated pair of glasses comes into the hands of someone who really needs it.

To donate your glasses, simply go to the nearest IRIS store. No purchase is required and we also accept prescription sunglasses. This gift that will make a significant difference in the life of someone in need, free yourself from your old glasses that you no longer wear!