Nearsightedness, or blurred vision at a distance, may seem benign, but it can be related to eye disease. Some say this vision defect is not serious and can be corrected with glasses, contact lenses or laser eye surgery. Still, the important thing to know is that high myopia can lead to problems such as retinal tears and detachments.

Taking action now will give your child long-term eye health. A nearsighted child's eyes lengthen over time, making distant objects blurry. And, if left untreated, nearsightedness can worsen as your child grows.

CooperVision's Brilliant Futures. A program for myopia control.

The CooperVision Brilliant Futures program, which began in Canada in November 2020, is designed to raise awareness about the importance of eye health. The program provides health care professionals with tools to educate patients and control myopia progression in children. 

At the heart of this program is the innovative MiSight® 1-day contact lens. Approved by Health Canada, it is the first one-day soft contact lens that can significantly slow the progression of myopia in children.

MiSight® 1-day lens

Unlike regular contact lenses or single-vision eyeglasses, soft lenses that control myopia progression have a unique design.

Thanks to the design of MiSight® 1-day contact lenses, it is possible, as with single vision lenses, to focus the image on the central retina and control the blur in the periphery.

This blur control slows down the elongation of the eye and, therefore, the progression of myopia. The treatment and correction zones thus overlap within a single lens. 

Finally, since they are 1-day lenses, the solution is ideal for young patients. Since each contact lens is discarded at the end of the day, no maintenance is required, and your child benefits from optimal hydration day after day.

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