IWe are entering a new decade! Have you thought about a new look to start the year off right? New glasses are a great place to start! If one of your resolutions is to take more risks, trying a new trend is a really good first step. With the 2020 frame collections, the designers dared to combine several colours on one frame, for a look that is both trendy and unique.

Do you hesitate between neutral and bright-coloured glasses? Neutral colours like black or brown have the advantage of being versatile and can be combined with anything. Bright colours meanwhile, stand out. Why not choose both colours? This season, you will find neutral glasses with a colourful touch in all IRIS stores. For example, this superb OGI frame mixes both brown and dark blue.

A man is wearing OGI 3134 frames

Frame: OGI 3134

For a chic and refined look, try a black and white frame. This classic colour combination is reminiscent of a tuxedo and will add elegance to your outfit. The black frames may appear masking, but the white cancels this effect by illuminating the face. Would you like to try on this oversized frame? It is from the WOOW collection and will delight you!

A woman is wearing a WOOW Pop Up frame

Frame: WOOW Pup Up

Another way to soften facial features is the addition of a translucent shade. Pale pink and black, peach and brown, clear and beige ... several combinations of light and dark shades are present in this year’s new collections. If you appreciate the extravagant style of the 70s, you will fall in love with this Maui Jim frame! It perfectly combines black and translucent pink, with a nice gradient that illuminates the face.

A woman is wearing Maui Jim 2119 prescription glasses

Frame: Maui Jim Optical 2119

For 2020, dare to wear a frame that combines several colours: you will not be disappointed! To pick your next pair of glasses, make an appointment at an IRIS store. Our eye care professionals are specially trained to guide you toward frames that will perfectly suit your face and your tastes.