On the eve of its 35th anniversary, IRIS, the largest network of opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists in Canada, launches a new advertising campaign that highlights the human beings behind its success. 

Entitled "IRIS, it's me," the campaign focuses on the attributes of IRIS: its passion, its refinement, its visionary aspect and its human character, highlighting the exceptional commitment of the team members and professionals who make up IRIS.

IRIS professionals are the company's lifeblood, and the "IRIS, it's me "campaign honours their essential contribution. 

"IRIS, it's me" is a unique approach that IRIS wishes to create by emphasizing that behind every service offered is a dedicated and passionate individual who seeks to bring the experience of better vision to life.

The "IRIS, it's me" campaign not only highlights the faces of the company but also celebrates the human culture and teamwork that are the essence of IRIS. By paying tribute to the ongoing dedication of its employees, IRIS reinforces its values of passion, honesty and respect.

This campaign is much more than a marketing strategy. It's a token of gratitude from IRIS to those who have contributed to its history and success. By focusing on individuals, the "IRIS, it's me" campaign cultivates a sense of pride and belonging among all its members. 

The "IRIS, it's me" campaign also invites potential employees to join the team and live the IRIS adventure. By showing the human side behind every product and service, we hope the campaign will spark interest in those who want to contribute to an organization where every individual has a voice.

As IRIS prepares to blow out 35 candles, the "IRIS, it's me" campaign testifies to IRIS's ongoing commitment to its employees and the promise of a future where people remain at the heart of its priorities.