With autumn and cold temperatures just around the corner, Pantone, the world's leading colour company for fashion and graphic arts professionals, is offering its colour palette for this fall and winter. These colours were unveiled at London Fashion Week. Here are the inspiring tones to stimulate creativity in your wardrobe and/or home decor.

No less than 15 Pantone Colours for Fall and Winter

Like every year at the same time, the Pantone Color Institute selects colours for the upcoming winter season to inspire stylists and other designers worldwide. These are once again not 10 but 15 trendy colours that Pantone creatives have chosen.

Even if most of these shades are anything but winter, this new eclectic selection offers a palette ranging from neutral to bold colours. 

1. Lava Falls - a passionate orange-red with a captivating presence (Pantone 18-1552)


2. Samoan Sun - sunny yellow that brightens and illuminates (Pantone 14-0851)


3. Tiger Orange - invigorating orange with just the right amount of fantasy (Pantone 16-1358)


4. Violet Pink - vibrant and lively violet pink (Pantone 17-2624)


5. Amazon - lush and fertile green (Pantone 18-6024)


6. Nosegay - fragrant and enveloping floral pink (Pantone 14-2806)


7. Waterspout - aquatic blue as refreshing as a stream of water (Pantone 14-4618)


8. Caramel Coffee - warm brown delicious to look at (Pantone 18-1148)


9. Midnight - deep blue with a starry sky feel (Pantone 19-4127)


10. Martini Olive - passionate and timeless olive green (Pantone 18-0625)


The 'Core Classics' colour-coded palette

1. Arctic Wolf - subtly soft white (Pantone 12-0602)


2. Autumn Blonde - delicate autumnal salmon (Pantone 12-0813)


3. Polar Night - blue as mysterious as a polar night (Pantone 19-4105)


4. Loden Frost - diffuse green that invites calm and serenity (Pantone 17-0210)


5. Chiseled Stone - gray with a chiselled stone look (Pantone 16-3917)


Our wardrobes and decorations for this Fall/Winter 2022 - 2023 are as warm as they are bright, with just the right amount of fantasy and elegance.