Whether you're an extreme sports fan or a casual runner, contact lenses give you the freedom of movement you need, especially for sports.

  • Contact lenses give you a clear field of peripheral vision.
  • You can easily wear masks, helmets or sunglasses.
  • All ACUVUE® brand contact lenses have a UV filter to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays.

No matter what sport you enjoy, contact lenses give you the freedom you might need to be your best. If you like to swim, play water sports or are active near water, ask your trusted optometrist for advice.

Running and gym workouts

Contact lenses are easy to wear, allowing you to focus on your movements and performance.

Soccer, Football, Handball, Volleyball

If you enjoy playing team sports where physical contact and falls are expected, contact lenses may be right for you. Not only do they give you freedom of movement, but they also allow you to see peripherally, so you don't miss the game!

Mountain biking and cycling

Whether you're in the city or on a hike, it's nice to be able to ride your bike and enjoy the scenery without worrying about your vision. With contact lenses, you can easily wear a helmet or sports sunglasses

Tennis, squash and badminton

When you play racquet sports, you must keep your eyes on the ball or shuttlecock. Contact lenses follow your eye movements and provide the peripheral vision that may meet your needs.

Extreme sports

Are you into extreme sports? Contact lenses are one less thing to think about when you play a sport where you must stay alert.

Ask your IRIS optometrist for advice on which contact lenses are suitable for your vision and lifestyle.

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