IRIS is fortunate to have Saskia Thuot as a loyal brand ambassador. Saskia shares the same values as IRIS. She is passionate, authentic, refined and innovative in many ways.    

Saskia Thuot is a renowned TV host specializing in real estate and wellness programs. She is also a columnist and author of two books. 

Saskia dreamt of being a TV host since she was a teenager. She was very persistent and worked very hard to reach her goal. She began her career at a Quebec TV station, where she became known to the general public with her shows "Décore ta vie" and "Combien vaut cette maison?" Today, she has been in the business for over 20 years.

Saskia Thuot has two books to her credit: Le carnet de Saskia (Saskia's diary): a personal work constructed like a diary in which Saskia shares aspects of her life as a host, mother and woman. Also, in the book: "Objectif poids santé après 40 ans", Saskia gives advice to women who have to lose weight for health reasons.

Saskia's involvement in social media brings the IRIS experience to you. Check out her Instagram account to discover Saskia's world