Since its inception in 1990, IRIS, The Visual Group, has exceeded expectations to become Canada's largest network of optometrists, opticians and ophthalmologists. At the heart of its mission is a commitment to improving the vision of Canadians. But what sets IRIS apart is its passion and dedication to innovation and its culture of excellence.

A clear mission, fundamental values

IRIS is committed to providing the highest quality products and services in vision care. Deep-rooted values of passion, honesty and respect underpin this mission. Every aspect of IRIS is shaped by the desire to exceed patient expectations and become its field's most recognized and valued brand. 

A unique business model

What makes IRIS genuinely unique is its business model. Comprising optometrists, opticians and ophthalmologists working in synergy, IRIS uses distinct tools to personalize products and professional services. This approach guarantees an exceptional customer experience, where every need is individually addressed.

Strong social commitment

IRIS focuses on its professional activities and is committed to giving back. Through IRIS Mundial, an organization dedicated to promoting better vision in developing countries, IRIS actively supports humanitarian initiatives. Every February, the company donates funds for every pair of glasses sold throughout its stores in Canada, helping to change lives worldwide.

For 25 years, IRIS has been a proud partner of the Charles-Bruneau Foundation, providing financial support through the tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau and involving its team members in the cause as supporters and/or cyclists. The financial involvement with the Fondation Charles-Bruneau directly helps children with cancer and their families. These funds help finance research to develop new treatments and improve the chances of recovery.

A culture of innovation

Innovation is at the heart of everything IRIS does. By investing in cutting-edge technology, such as the IRIS Profile application and electronic medical record, IRIS remains at the forefront of its sector. These tools enable professionals to offer more effective and personalized care while improving the patient experience.

A history of Canadian excellence

Proudly Canadian, IRIS has become a pillar of the vision care community in Canada. With 150 stores nationwide, employing over 1,500 team members, and millions of dollars in donations to humanitarian causes, IRIS embodies Canadian spirit and pride.

IRIS distinguishes itself by its commitment to excellence, collaborative business model, positive social impact, and penchant for innovation. As a leader in vision care, IRIS continues to push the boundaries and redefine what it means to deliver clear vision and an exceptional experience.