IRIS pays it forward. Since March 2020, remote work has become a reality for all IRIS team members. After much reflection, the President of IRIS, The Visual Group, Mr. Eric Babin, supported by the senior management team, decided to transfer the activities of the IRIS head office. The offices were moved from Laval to the premises of New Look Vision Group, a group to which IRIS belongs, in Ville Saint-Laurent. This move opened up a new chapter for the IRIS network.

Mr. Eric Babin and all the IRIS team members were proud of the IRIS head office in Laval. It was located on the 12th floor of an art deco building. The windows, natural light and furnishings offered a refined, human, visionary and authentic atmosphere—a reflection of the qualities and attributes of IRIS.

IRIS founder Dr. Francis Jean, who died suddenly in 2014, had a great fondness for the paintings that adorned the IRIS headquarters' walls. Each of them had a place that Dr. Jean had carefully chosen for them. 

With the move of the head office, Mr. Eric Babin wishes to give a second life to the paintings and thus donate to two causes that Dr. Francis Jean had at heart: the School of Optometry of the Université de Montréal and the Charles-Bruneau Foundation.    

The paintings from the IRIS Gallery will be put up for sale in a virtual auction to be held online in September 2022. 

The auction will close with a unique event on October 2 at the School of Optometry of the Université de Montréal. In a warm atmosphere, you can admire the paintings, make a bid and, like IRIS, give to two significant causes.

Watch our Facebook page to participate in the virtual auction. You can hang a bit of IRIS history in your home.

For more information on the IRIS Gallery and its auction, write to us at