Eric, congratulations on your 20 years at IRIS!  

20 years ago, Eric learned about the future retirement of Mr. Gervais Gilbert, his wife’s associate: Optometrist and owner at IRIS Dolbeau-Mistassini, Dr. Isabelle Morissette. He decided to take over the administration part of her clinic. Over the years, he witnessed the company's evolution, from handwritten payroll checks and bookkeeping to the creation of Gestop, our proprietary Patient Management Software. "Today, at 50 years old, I'm still learning!" His coworkers know him as a handyman, pro-recycler and conservative, and his family describes him as generous, honest, and devoted. 

An Interview with Eric Genest, Who Celebrates 20 Years with IRIS

Eric had many career-defining moments: "I had the great privilege to participate in almost every training trip and IRIS family reunion under the warm presence of our inspiration, Dr. Francis Jean. I love working for a transparent company that puts the human first." Working at IRIS and having an Optometrist wife has its advantages: "I was the first patient to be referred by Dr. Isabelle Morissette to the IRIS Ophthalmology Clinic!". A piece of advice he would give to all patients is to "Trust us." 

Very active, Eric loves golfing, playing hockey, mountain biking, travelling, and especially Stanley, his wonderful royal poodle. He is also very involved in his community: "I've been involved with the Lions Club for 19 years; I received the Melvin Jones distinction after 15 years as a token of my humanitarian services. I also did a mission with the Canadian peacekeepers in 1995." We're very impressed! Above all, he loves when things are "balanced": "because of my astrological sign, I'm guessing. IRIS has always had a vision of the future, which is inspiring for me because I'm more down to earth and not much of a visionary."

We're glad you are a part of the IRIS family!