Seraphin frames are part of the OGI Eyewear Group, the first wave of independent eyewear brands.

The values of the creators of the Seraphin frames are centered on community and entrepreneurship. Since they work exclusively with independent opticians, they know their reality and that of their customers. Seraphin's eyewear line combines high-end quality with convenience and always with a constant flow of creativity. Seraphin offers eyewear that combines fashion with classics.


Seraphin's creators are first and foremost designers with a proven track record of establishing a unique style and working with leading artisans and suppliers to create new eyewear designs that stay ahead of the trends.

Seraphin frames are distinct and tell a consistent story without overlapping styles. Think durable, handcrafted frames designed to appeal to a wide range of lifestyles so that you can find the perfect glasses.


Seraphin's creators and designers are experienced leaders. They create trends and bold styles.

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