Meet Isabelle Manny, Optician-Owner of the IRIS store in Ste-Julie and Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec.

Isabelle Manny has been an optician at IRIS since 2017. For several reasons, Isabelle agreed to participate in the " IRIS, it’s me " campaign. First, she was seduced by the concept of featuring people who work at IRIS, which personalizes the brand's image. Secondly, the pride of representing her stores as an optician was an opportunity she had to say yes to. 

What fascinates Isabelle in her work is helping people find the frame that will enhance their face. The choice of eyewear can truly transform a person's appearance, and she relishes the opportunity to contribute to that transformation. What's more, the synergy she enjoys with her team is something she loves. Working as a team to deliver the best IRIS experience to patients creates a positive and dynamic environment.

The " IRIS, it’s me " campaign makes perfect sense to Isabelle. Initially, when she started working at IRIS in 2017, it was just a place to work. But over time, it has become much more than that. IRIS has become her business; her team is like a second family. The feeling of belonging is just as strong at meetings and events with other network members.   

For Isabelle, IRIS is her second home. This term perfectly encapsulates the special bond she has developed with IRIS and the people who are part of it. 

What makes her most proud to work for IRIS is its reputation and notoriety. IRIS is synonymous with quality, and it's an immense source of pride to be part of this banner.

Knowing that IRIS is recognized for its commitment to excellence reinforces motivation daily.

As for her frame preferences, Isabelle particularly likes oversized styles and black frames. However, she enjoys wearing different frames to change her look on different days. When working with patients, she enjoys taking them out of their comfort zone by suggesting shapes or designs they might not have considered.

"It's rewarding to see how much they love experimenting with new styles and discovering something that fits them perfectly." For Isabelle, that makes her job rewarding—making each patient feel unique.