Is It Possible to Rehydrate Contact Lenses?


First and foremost, it is strongly recommended that you do not wait until your contact lenses are dehydrated or dry, which is not too difficult!


To prevent your contact lenses from drying up best to put them back in their original container with saline solution or in their storage case filled with a solution. It is important to close your case tightly and keep your contact lenses away from any heat source. For example, don't leave your contact lenses in their case in your car on a hot summer day.

Contact lenses can contain up to 80% of water, so if they become exposed to air, they will dehydrate, and their properties will change. They will no longer be supple; they will lose their elasticity, they will warp, become sticky or cloudy and cloud your vision.

All of these issues can have serious consequences on your eyes' health as they can cause irritation, infections and ulcers, so you should not take this situation lightly.

Also, if your contact lenses seem to have lost a little of their flexibility or seem slightly altered, you can try to rehydrate them, and above all, you must disinfect them by letting them soak for at least one hour in the solution. Then with clean and dry hands, inspect your contact lenses, verifying that they have returned to their original appearance. Make sure there is no micro-cut or roughness by running your finger gently on each side. If you have any doubts, don't take any chances and throw them out.

If your contact lenses appear to be in good condition but you feel some discomfort in your eyes, throw them away without hesitation.

Take good care of your eyes, and don't take any chances with what you hold most dear: your eyes.