IRIS is fortunate to have a team that promotes professional development through ongoing training. The Professional Development Team is a management support and a lever of commitment and recognition of our team members.

Our Professional Development Team creates programs through our online platform, "i.Campus," to ensure that all team members are up to date on product knowledge, management and communication tools, and sales strategy.

The content and subject matter of these programs are created in collaboration with industry partners and world-renowned experts. We organize numerous continuing education events annually, inviting all our team members to learn and share.

At IRIS, professional development is associated with a lever to increase team members' commitment to IRIS. Greater access to professional training and continuous learning are among the most popular desired characteristics of being an employer of choice today. Therefore, we find that providing a work environment where development and curiosity are fostered increases the commitment and motivation of our team members. 

Also, investing in professional development positively influences the sense of belonging that our team members develop towards IRIS. As a responsible company, allowing our teams to evolve and acquire new skills to climb the professional ladder is important. Thus, our team members feel valued and are offered opportunities for growth within our company. 

A tool for recognition

Our Professional Development Team is committed to professional growth. It also ensures that team members are recognized. There is no better time to invest in our people than through professional development. It has a minimal cost but an incredible return on our human capital. Therefore, allowing teams to develop, define their next professional step and learn is a valuable recognition tool at IRIS.