At IRIS, we pride ourselves on being visionaries. With our finger on the pulse of optometry’s evolution, we provide the foundation for further innovation. This innovation is always done collaboratively with our Optometrists because at the heart of IRIS is its people. 

IRIS Optometrists are highly valued for their skills and are given the opportunity to flourish professionally within the company. As a part of our recently developed Specialty Practices program, Optometrists can focus and further develop their area of interest throughout their eye care career. 

The Specialty Practices Program includes: 

- Structure to support the development of the specialty at the different stages of its evolution

- Possibility of being accompanied by a mentor

- Possibility for the clinic to purchase specialized equipment for the specialty practice after the elaboration of a viable plan 

Areas of practice, such as:

- Dry eye

- Myopia control

- Binocular vision, visual rehabilitation

- Pediatrics

- Low vision

- Specialty contact lenses

IRIS provides internal resources that support each aspect of the Specialty Practices Program. A team of peers is available to provide input on every level through various means, such as: 

I-CAMPUS TRAINING - a platform where specific training can be found for Optometrists and the in-store support team

PDT – the Professional Development Team constantly researches the latest products, services and technology within the industry

ROC – the Regional Optometric Coordinators, is the internal support crew; for the ROC directory, click here

FORUMS – open discussions are essential at IRIS; exchanges through the forums are an opportunity for professionals to discuss amongst each other to provide insight based on each other’s area of expertise and experience, which is crucial for the business as a whole.

Help your patients experience better vision through a Specialty Practice at IRIS!