The beautiful days are here and those of us who enjoy summer, spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether you love golf, hiking, road or mountain biking, baseball, fishing or other nautical sports, or you simply enjoy the summer by going on long strolls in all four corners of your town, consider protecting your eyes from the sun! One thing is certain, protecting your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) rays is important for all outdoor activities. It’s well known that being exposed to UV rays increases the risks of eye diseases such as cataracts or macular degeneration. Thus, when you purchase a pair of sunglasses, think about UV protection first in order to maintain your eye’s health.

A woman hiking is smiling. She's wearing sunglasses with a red tint that enhance the colours of the panorama.

Then, depending on the activity or activities you’ll practise, you can select a tint that will optimize your comfort and visual performance! Which golfer or baseball player wouldn’t like lenses that enhance contrasts to see the ball better against green grass? As for fishing enthusiasts, they can choose a tint that reduces glare and helps to see movement underwater. Who knows, it could lead to one more catch! For those who enjoy water in other ways, whether it’s on a boat, kayaking, paddleboard or other, choose a soothing tint that will reduce glare and allow you to enjoy the true beauty of nature. Cyclists can benefit from tints that accentuate the subtle changes on the road or on the trails depending on the type of ride. Are you the type who prefers a forest trail? Choose a tint with which you won’t have to worry about the light changing when you walk from a shaded path to a breathtaking panorama. And for those who take the Energy Trail or who enjoy a good meal on a downtown terrace, you will also benefit from lenses that will enhance the colours and details of the urban environment!

In short, apart from protecting your eyes from UV rays, your sunglasses can make you more comfortable and improve your vision during various types of activities depending on the tint you choose. Ask your vision professional for advice to take full advantage of these beautiful summer days!

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Text by Dr. Jahel St-Jacques, Vice-President of Professional Affairs and Training, and Optometrist at IRIS Montmagny