For many years we have seen the shift in eyewear as a function based product.  As Opticians and dispensers, we have been on the front lines to see it evolve into a highly fashion forward way to express individual style.  Spring 2020 is no different.   We are seeing new and old styles merge together. Combining colour, texture and materials.  Get ready for another exciting season!

Trendy Transparent Eyewear Frames for 2020

The most (un)noticeable of these styles is the Transparent frame trend.  These mainly full acetate (plastic) frames are offered in a wide variety of size, shape, and colour.  It allows the wearer to be bold, but not too bold, add shine without being too sparkly.  These designs are often simple and sleek.  Good for young and mature glasses wearers.  Pick your shape (big or small), choose your palate (warm or cool) and have fun!

Minimal Metalic Frames, an Eyewear Trend for 2020

My favourite resurgence in eyewear is the minimal metal pieces we are seeing everywhere.  These designs are being brought to life in gorgeous metallic colours, from brassy and bold to subtle and satiny.  These frames are available in a wide range of size, shape, and colour.   Not only are these frames light aesthetically, they are often light in weight too.  Working with this product can often be an opticians dream! Those first time progressive wearers will be singing your praises. Those with narrow or a soft bridge will have options, and the people who hate when their glasses slip can embrace silicone nose pads.

Eyewear is no longer about purely function…. It’s about fashion, versatility, and telling your individual story.  Being a nerd is cool, Geeks are sexy, and Wearing glasses is trendy.  This shift in our culture has opened the door for many new designs and styles and a ton of individuality.  It has allowed more established styles to be reworked modernized and reinvented.  The change in eyewear designs offers us an alternative to the thick dark acetate that has been on our shelves for years.  Todays’ consumer is open minded well informed and exposed to all that is being offered.  They are savvy sophisticated and trying it all on….Enjoy the process!