Do you wear contact lenses? With the hot summer sun and heat waves, you may be wondering if there are any risks to your eyes. It's important to know that wearing contact lenses in hot weather is safe if you follow the basic guidelines.

Here are 5 tips for enjoying the freedom of wearing contact lenses, especially on hot summer days.

Tip 1: Wear sunglasses

When wearing contact lenses, you should protect your eyes with sunglasses every time you go outside. Sunglasses are to the eyes what sunscreen is to the skin. When shopping for sunglasses, choose a model with the UV400 rating for adequate protection.

Tip 2: Stay away from cold drafts and air conditioning

Contact lenses can dry out and become uncomfortable in highly air-conditioned environments, such as airplanes, shopping malls, and restaurants. Therefore, it is recommended to use glasses or carry eye drops to administer them.

Tip 3: Avoid swimming with your contact lenses

Beaches and swimming pools are often synonymous with heatwaves. But pool or lake water can pose a serious threat to contact lens wearers. Prescription swim goggles are a highly recommended alternative for those who need vision correction while swimming. If you must keep your contact lenses on while swimming, daily disposable contact lenses are highly recommended. ACUVUE® OASYS 1-day contact lenses with HydraLuxe® technology are the perfect choice for comfort and quality vision. After swimming, whether or not the water reaches your eyes, promptly discard and change your contact lenses to eliminate the risk of irritation or infection. 

Tip 4: Respect hygiene rules

Always wash your hands before touching or cleaning contact lenses.

Tip 5: Do not exceed the recommended wearing times for your contact lenses

In summer, the days are longer, and we tend to wear our lenses longer than on other days of the year. We recommend that you not exceed a daily wearing time of 12 hours. Beyond that, it is recommended to put on your glasses to rest your eyes. As a general rule, heat is never a problem for contact lens wear! 

Enjoy the summer and have a great vacation.