Did you know that there can be an adjustment period when you first wear your glasses? Is the frame comfortable? Will you be able to wear your glasses every day? Are the lenses well suited to your vision? When faced with the strange and often embarrassing sensations associated with your new glasses, many questions will arise in your head. Don't worry! This is normal.

The first moments

At first, you are struck by the incredible sharpness of the world around you. Then sometimes, you feel a little dizzy, and your frames take up too much space in your field of vision. Then the excitement subsides, and discomfort sets in. That said, don't worry. These feelings are experienced by most people wearing their first pair of prescription glasses.

Vision is directly linked to the brain, which is shaken by the new visual conditions offered to it and therefore needs time to adapt. It's a bit like with new shoes: you must endure them for a while before they take the shape of your feet. The adaptation period can last from two to fifteen days, depending on the person.

Steps to take to adapt as quickly as possible

- Clean your glasses regularly: this may seem obvious, but when we are not used to wearing glasses, the slightest dirt can considerably increase the feeling of discomfort.

- Wear your glasses as often as possible, but don't overdo it. If the discomfort causes a headache, give yourself a break. The important thing is to wear them every day, that's how you'll get used to them.

If the problem is with your frame

Are you adjusting to your lenses but not to your frame? It may need to be adjusted. If you feel uncomfortable pressure on your temples or nose bridge, it may be too tight. Conversely, the frame should not slide easily over your nose. Don't hesitate to visit an IRIS store where a professional can adjust the frame for your comfort.

At IRIS, you can benefit from the IRIS No Matter What Guarantee. Also, we will check, adjust and clean your prescription glasses and sunglasses free of charge, as often as necessary, for as long as you own them.